Welcome to the “pimp-my-box” Manual!

The playbooks in the pimp-my-box repository will install rTorrent-PS, pyrocore, and related software onto any remote dedicated server or VPS with root access, running Debian or a Debian-like OS. Read Overview to learn more.

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Right now, you need a rTorrent-PS 1.1 version (git head) for the contained configuration to work. If you use an older installation, call

echo >>~rtorrent/rtorrent/rtorrent.d/.rcignore 05-rt-ps-columns.rc

when you get errors about ui.column.render on startup.


To get in contact and share your experiences with other users of PyroScope, join the pyroscope-users mailing list or the inofficial ##rtorrent channel on irc.freenode.net.

This is also the way to resolve any problems with or questions about your configuration and software installation. Always look into the Trouble-Shooting Guide as a first measure, which is often the fastest way to get back to a working system. That guide also explains how to efficiently report your problem when you cannot fix it yourself.

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